Glass recycling.

Bottle Underground accepts whole bottles and jars from households, communities and businesses. Please give them a rinse and set them aside for us. 

Here are the ways you can get your glass waste to BU:


Schedule a drop off

Bring glass  to us by appointment or during our next Drop Off event.

Monthly Collections

Join our monthly pick up subscription and we’ll come by every month for your glass collection. Enter your zipcode to see if you’re in our e-bike’s radius. When you’re ready to join, please sign up through Paypal, we’ll be in touch to arrange your recurring pick up details.

Local Businesses

We know how hard it can be for businesses to find real recycling solutions. Let us know what kind of glass you’re going through and we’ll see if we can find a solution.

Special Events

Thank you for your interest in recycling the bottles from your special day! We know how important these moments are and are honored to be part of yours. 


1901 S 9th Street, Bok BU, Philadelphia PA 19148

Check out our sister organization, Remark Glass, which makes handblown products from glass bottles and jars that we collect.