BU Milkcrate


In our effort to reduce the waste, we invite you to participate in our take-a-crate-leave-a-crate system to avoid the intake of bags and boxes from frequent drop offs. The process is simple, bring your crate back full of glass and exchange it for an empty.

These are perfect for storing outside if necessary and transporting glass! They’re made in New Jersey using recycled content.

Your contribution of $15 will support the creation of this system. Should you choose to return your crate later, $7.50 will be returned as your deposit.

Additional information

Product Details:

These heavy-duty industrial storage crates are made in the USA from a combination of virgin and recycled HDPE resins.

Bottle Underground

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Philadelphia, PA 19148

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1901 S 9th Street, Bok BU, Philadelphia PA 19148

Check out our sister organization, Remark Glass, which makes handblown products from glass bottles and jars that we collect.