Glass recycling for your home.

Did you know that only 33% of the glass you place in your recycling bin is recycled?

Repeat Pick-up

Our repeat pick-up service offers a convenient way for Philadelphia residents to recycle their glass bottles without leaving their home. Here’s how it works: Once you register with us, we will supply you with a bin to collect your glass in. Your task is to make sure all of your glass has been rinsed and no residue is left behind in the bottles and jars (you can leave the labels on, we’ll take care of that!). Collect your bottles in your bin and place them outside your house on collection day. We will pick up your glass and return your bin to start the process all over again! 

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One Time Donations

Our studio is located in the Bok Building at 1901 S 9th Street in South Philadelphia. You can bring your empty, rinsed, unbroken bottles to us by registering for a time to come by our studio. Be sure to give your bottles and jars a rinse prior to dropping them off. Please call 267.909.9824 when you are close so we can meet you at the loading dock on Mifflin between 8th and 9th street.


By Appointment

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1901 S 9th Street, Bok BU, Philadelphia PA 19148

Check out our sister organization, Remark Glass, which makes hand blown products from glass bottles and jars sourced from Philadelphia.