About Bottle Underground

Closing the Glass Loop

Through a high quality glass collection and sorting system, our mission is to make the highest and best use of bottle glass through recirculation, recycling, downcycling and upcycling with the goal of reducing glass waste on a local level.

How it all Started

Do you know the end result of your recycling efforts? The truth of recycling in America is not always what we expect, and oftentimes, our carefully sorted recyclables still end up in a landfill.

In 2016, Remark Glass, a creative business based on the reuse of waste glass material was built. After four years of business, it became apparent that the reduction of glass from the general waste stream was a much larger issue than what a boutique craft business could undertake. In response to the high volume of glass Remark saw going directly in the trash, Bottle Underground was founded in 2020. Glass bottles and jars are often considered to be single-use containers though they could be used time and time again. The current single stream recycling process contaminates glass with other materials, making it less viable to be re-melted in the manufacturing process. These gaps in the traditional recycling process along with the low frequency of reuse can be mediated with creativity, a little elbow grease, and localized models for collection, sorting, and recirculation. At Bottle Underground, we are committed to a high-quality collection, cleaning and sorting system so that each piece of wasted glass material that goes through our doors is sent to its highest and best use.



1901 S 9th Street, Bok BU, Philadelphia PA 19148

Check out our sister organization, Remark Glass, which makes handblown products from glass bottles and jars that we collect.